Schedule & Concerts



Please note: The schedule may change and some pieces may vary.


Thursday 27.07.2017: Open mic at Grejsdalen School’s hall
Friday 28.07.2017: Teachers’ Concert, Vor Frue Kirke (church), Århus
Saturday 29.07.2017: Teachers’ Concert, Søndermarkskirken (church), Vejle
Sunday 30.07.2017: Concert for us – the participants perform the pieces studied at the Summer School

More details in due course

Lectures & other Activities

Shakuhachi Making Clinic
The shakuhachi making clinic is an open space for shakuhachi making. It is aimed both of the novice with no previous experience of making but would like to watch some of the processes involved, and for the students, with some making experience, interested in learning and practicing some of the techniques for which there is usually time to teach in making workshops. The activities include:

Shakuhachi Repair
Bamboo do break. It is therefore highly recommendable to have the ability of making simple repairs on your shakuhachi. A normal out-lay binding will be demonstrated, and it could be practiced by students if there is time available. It is possible for participants to bring their own shakuhachi to repair at the Shakuhachi Making Clinic (please bear in mind that we will only repair bamboo cracks and that there may not be time for all shakuhachi to be repaired. Due to time limits we cannot work with ji or urushi).

Kinko Utaguchi Inlay Demonstration
The whole inlay process will be shown and for a limited number of participants with experience in making a hands-on workshop will be available. Participants interested in inlay making, please contact José in advance.

Advanced Jinashi Shakuhachi Making
The first steps in jinashi shakuhachi making require skills in craftsmanship that can be learned relatively fast. However, the real challenge begins after the flute is drilled and can be played. Very often – taking the flute to a good level, which means fine tuning and in particularly making the balance in more than 2 octaves – requires time and experience – if at all possible. We will start from a newly made flute and try to improve it. We will discuss the process, the problems that may araise and the possible solutions. A limited number of experienced participants may bring their flutes, so we can work on them – although time is short. Participants interested in advanced making, please contact José in advance.

Jinashi making talk
Participants with making knowledge are welcomed to come so we can share experiences. Making issues will be consulted and discussed. The main objective is having a lot of shakuhachi making fun!

As the actual schedule will be adjusted to demand, interested participants are requested to indicate that they will come to the Clinic by contacting Jose Vargas, in advance, so we can organise accordingly.